Senior Community Fitness

There is no denying the positive benefits of regular exercise. As we get older, it is easy to lose confidence in our physical ability. Using fun, safe and effective training techniques, our personalized programs will keep you confident, strong, and able to exceed the physical requirements of your daily activities. I.T.F. adds value and a unique selling point to any adult community.  If you are interested in more information: 
Small Group Fitness Training

Small Group Fitness Training is explosively energetic, fun and intimate enough to get the individual instruction you need! All sessions are scheduled to accommodate up to 4 clients and are 1 hour in length. This small group environment builds a great dynamic for motivation and inspiration. If you want a great work-out at an affordable price, schedule one of our Small Group Fitness Sessions today! If you are interested in more information: 
Private & At-Home Fitness Training

Take your training to the next level with our private and at-home training programs. We take an in-depth approach to your fitness with these programs. First looking at how well you move then systematically increasing your bodies abilities in the areas of range of motion, stability, strength, endurance, recovery and mindset.  You will move better, feel better, think better and look better! If you are interested in more information: 
Better Posture Program

No matter your age or physical abilities, good posture is the key to healthy movement. When your posture is less than optimal it compromises the health of your joints and soft tissue. Eventually this will result in injury.
In a few simple steps we can assess your posture using special software and then develop a very specific exercise program that will strengthen and stretch the areas that most need it. The Better Posture Program can be done via email as well as in person. If you are interested in more information: 
In Touch Fitness. Personal Training provided for Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Encino, West Hills, and other neighboring cities.

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